Crêpe cooking on grill at night. The Medi Crepe being prepared: tomatoes, olive, goat chesse Ctaring: Presentation of a banana nutella strawberry Crepe

Crêpes Paname was created in 2011 by 2 chefs, Marc and Jean-Claude, both from France.

Crêpes Paname is based on a simple concept – everything hand-made and French! We make our crepes to order starting from scratch. We use professional crêpe pans made in France. Our ingredients are mostly local and often organic. All food is made by hand including the various flour-based batters (buckwheat and wheat flour) which is made to resemble French batters as much as possible.

For anyone who is already familiar with French crêpes, our ingredients are those you readily find in the streets of Paris and in crêperie restaurants – a real delight of flavors and tastes from Paris and beyond. We concoct some of our crepes, and we call them…the specials! Real delights!

Crêpes Paname can come to you. We are a movable enterprise consisting of crepes carts fully equipped and decorated to turn any area into a crêperie restaurant.

History of the crêpe

The first crepes, a simple mixture of flour and water, appeared around 7000 BC. They were found in different civilizations in various forms using flour made of wheat, rice, corn and other grains. The 12th century crusades brought buckwheat flour from Asia which started to be rapidly cultivated in Britain in a favorable climate. However, at first it was used only for bread, then a century later for crepes. The first iron crepe makers appeared in the 15th century. Thanks to portable stoves creperies were selling crepes on market stairs. Starting with dry crepes, they soon added eggs, bacon and sausage and the crepes were consumed in front of the stand. Soon after, crepes started appearing at festivals and marriages. To create a dessert, eggs, cinnamon and orange blossom were mixed with the buckwheat flour. Later, wheat replaced buckwheat in the dough to give birth to dessert, or sweet, crepes.

In keeping with ancient tradition, Crepes Paname is based on hand-crafted cuisine, simple and basic. Ingredients are either local or from Europe. The dough is hand-made with a compound mixture of several flours.

Every morning before sunrise, Crepes Paname crepe makers mix and prepare the batter that will be consumed several hours later. The batter even improves after resting for several hours refrigerated.